Products / Services

Detector instrumentation for neutron scattering applications

Complete chain of readout electronics

ASIC based front-end, FPGA processing, scalable DAQ-System

Generates neutron data from readout signals.

Process readout for analysis and display.

Manage whole detector systems.

Infrastructure and media for detector operation. 

10-Boron Coatings

Custom made milling parts 

Application guide

  • Thermal and cold neutrons with high count rate, high contrast and 2D position sensitve on 200mm x 200mm → CASCADE 2D-200 
  • Jalousie: Thermal and cold neutrons on large areas with highest most detection efficiency. The Boron based alternative to 3-He  position sensitive tubes (PSD).  → Jalousie
  • MIEZE: a unique detector system for high resolution detection of rapidly modulated neutron intensities → CASCADE-M 2D-200
  • Ultra cold and very cold neutrons (UCN and VCN):  very high count rate, very high contrast and 2D position sensitive on up to 200mm x 200mm → CASCADE-U
  • Neutron Beam Monitoring: Counting type beam monitors for thermal and cold neutrons with spatial resolution, high dynamic range ionization chamber based neutron beam monitors with 10 µs time resolution → Beam Monitoring