Our Partners and References

The CDT Departments


Dr. Martin Klein

Dr. Christian J. Schmidt


First contact points for discussing detector systems. Both are doctorate physicists and have a wide range of experience in the field, especially in the design and construction of neutron detectors.

Device Assembly

Our detectors are assembled in a cleanroom, free of environmental dust and fibrous materials. We build and rely upon extensive experience in tool-supported manual detector assembly as well as device repair.


Tools an jig manufacturing for our detector systems.

Design and Construction

Professional 3D CAD and CAM. Development of mechanical realizations from detector system ideas along construction concepts towards individual constituent parts and components. Design for modern manufacturing machines such as laser cutting, CNC milling, 3D-printing, lithographic etching and others. 

Accounting & Controlling

Electronics, Firmware and Software

Development of firmware and software solutions, libraries as well as applications. Both are coordinated by means of modern programming techniques to make them not only fast but also trustworthy, documented and maintainable.

Our readout and DAQ electronics is devised and designed in-house with the concept of supplying complete, scalable detector systems. 

Quality Assurance

Every detector, a complete system as well as any individual module component or baught-in constituent part, is released for delivery after having passed an obligatory procedure of thorough testing and extensive documentation.