Neutron Detectors

CASCADE Detectors

The 10-Boron based, high contrast detector solution for high intensities!…read more

The 10-Boron based, high resolution detector solution for rapidly modulated neutron intensities!…read more

CASCADE-U Detector Systems for the efficient, high rates detection of ultra cold neutrons (UCN)!…read more

Jalousie Detectors

Beam Monitor Detectors

Position sensitive beam monitoring in various sizes may be employed to precisely quantify the neutron intensity delivered to the sample. The BM-2D monitors comprise a converter layer of customized Boron thickness and a GEM based amplification stage.

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The Ionization-Chamber-Beammonitor I-BM is a beam monitor for thermal neutrons thought as an extremely robust beam monitoring solution for extreme environments of radiation exposure and thus very limited accessibility.

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