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The 10-Boron based, high resolution, high contrast detector solution for high neutron intensities!

The CASCADE 2D-200 Detector is a self sufficient detector system comprised of a detector frond end and an integrated detector readout system with on board histograming electronics. It is all integrated into one box!


  • Competitive Efficiency of 55% for cold neutrons (5 Å) with up to 8 GEM foils and 2 drift electrodes coated with 10-B each on one side.

  • Spatial resolution: FWHM = 2.6 mm at ambient counting gas pressure, down to 1 mm for customized solutions.

  • High count rate capacity of 2 MHz (10% dead time) due to the micro-structured GEM-foils.

  • No gamma-background: Low Z converter material 10-B, the high energy of the α can easily be detected and small drift gaps amplify the enormous difference in ionization density, a fast electron from gamma interaction creates in the counting gas as opposed to an alpha particle from neutron conversion.

  • Long term stability due to continuous purge of cheap counting gas through detector.

  • The system has a sensitive area of 200mm x 200mm which is framed by a blind area of 17.5mm width.

Stack of GEM-foils inside a CASCADE detector