Modern Challenges to Neutron Detector Technology

With the cost and complexity of modern high intensity neutron sources growing enormously the available neutrons need to be exploited to the highest possible extend. In practice, much can still be achieved at reasonable cost on the neutron detection side, rather than on the neutron generation side. Modern detector technology must serve this goal through large solid angle detector coverage joined with highest count rate capability. But likewise, industrial criteria such as detector up-time, availability of service and finally the availability of a homogeneous detector product line, that can be acquired for replacements as well as upgrades, are essential to a neutron institution in its strive to maximize the scientific output.



Application guide

  • Thermal and cold neutrons with high count rate, high contrast and 2D position sensitve on 200mm x 200mm → CASCADE 2D-200
  • MIEZE: a unique detector system for high resolution detection of rapidly modulated neutron intensities → CASCADE-M 2D-200
  • Ultra cold and very cold neutrons (UCN and VCN):  very high count rate, very high contrast and 2D position sensitive on up to 200mm x 200mm → CASCADE-U


Under developement

Thermal and cold neutronson large areas with high contrast and 2D position sensitve developed to serve as alternative for classical 3-He position sensitive detector tubes (PSD) → Jalousie