CASCADE Detector Technologies

Detectors and Electronics for Neutron Instrumentation


We aim at making high tech developments commercially available to the public market which originate from the university academic engagement in experimental research in physics. In particular, CDT was created as a Spin-Off from Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg, Germany. We are specialized in detector technologies for nuclear, particle physics and neutron scattering research and related applications. Here we aim at supplying customized complete solutions for instrumentation needs starting from particle detector front-end systems over highly integrated readout electronics and software. Typically, we add our knowledge, our experience and practical experimentalists´ know-how to create tailored solutions to specific customers´ applications. We measure our success through the success of our customers.

CDT has evolved through developments in thermal and cold neutron detection, in particular supplying easily integrated and complete detector solutions, joining modern technologies from other fields of physics and technology for innovation in this field. As a novel field of applications for detector technologies CDT aims to expand into accelerator beam monitoring applications.

Modern Challenges to Neutron Detector Technology

With the cost and complexity of modern high intensity neutron sources growing enormously the available neutrons need to be exploited to the highest possible extend. In practice, much can still be achieved at reasonable cost on the neutron detection side, rather than on the neutron generation side. Modern detector technology must serve this goal through large solid angle detector coverage joined with highest count rate capability. But likewise, industrial criteria such as detector up-time, availability of service and finally the availability of a homogeneous detector product line, that can be acquired for replacements as well as upgrades, are essential to a neutron institution in its strive to maximize the scientific output.

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